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Tough Times Call for Calm & Steady Guidance

People often say that divorce is not easy, and it generally holds true. Yet, if you are like most people, the truth does not sink in until you face divorce yourself. Typically, divorce and many family law issues send emotions flying and land you in unknown territory, full of confusing legal terms, conflict and stress.

At the Killebrew Law Firm, we understand what you are going through because we have experienced divorce first-hand and have stood strong to help many clients weather their legal storms and secure a stable future for their families.

The decisions you make during the legal process are not simply life changing on the short term, but can potentially last for many years. It goes without saying that choosing the right lawyer is a vitally important decision. At the Killebrew Law Firm, our attorney takes the time to listen carefully, weigh your concerns and offer a legal approach to work towards your desired outcome.



The Killebrew Law Firm provides clients with calm and steady guidance so they can overcome the rough times during divorce.  Read more>>

Family Law

Family Law

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Out of Court?

Attorney Kimberly Killebrew is a lawyer who is savvy and accomplished at taking cases to trial but also very experienced at settling cases out of court. She thoroughly enjoys both aspects of the legal process, and as a result, she offers a versatility not found in some family law firms. She is highly skilled in handling complicated cases and also cases involving significant net worth.

In addition to having 25 years of legal experience, Ms. Killebrew is a certified mediator, who helps clients use mediation to resolve issues related to divorce and family law.

Kim — along with her legal assistant Jennifer — handled a tough, lengthy divorce and custody case for me in 2015/16. She was a constant professional, quickly answered questions, and was warm and friendly. Kim dealt with a hostile and often non-responsive opposing counsel with ease. I would highly recommend her services.

Jason — Five Star Review

Advantages of Settling Your Case

and Avoiding Litigation

Today, many couples seeking divorce would rather avoid the time, expense and embarrassment of going to trial. Understandably, they do not want delicate issues brought up in court and made part of public record. Litigation expenses are considerable, and trials can drag on and often be quite stressful because they are adversarial in nature. Certainly, whenever you can resolve issues outside of court, it is to your advantage.

Mediation is an effective alternative to litigation and helps many couples find the common ground necessary to reach settlements. Couples can devise arrangements during mediation that are often not reachable through courtroom litigation.

The issues of child custody, visitation, child support and property division must be resolved or decided by the judge to finalize your divorce. Couples often settle one or more family law issues without going to trial. However, a thorny issue that evades an out-of-court resolution would require litigation.

Advantages of Litigation

In a marriage with an abusive spouse, a narcissistic personality, or a spouse with addiction problems, sitting down to negotiate a resolution may prove difficult. Barriers exist that inhibit effective communication. Also, face-to-face interaction can result in high levels of stress. Even though judges typically order couples to mediation, they may find they cannot resolve their issues and consequently their case will move forward into litigation. In this type of case, you may need the firm guidance that a judge provides, and a trial can help you avoid direct communication or confrontation with the other spouse. In many instances, cases that begin as lawsuits end up resolving outside the courtroom through attorney-negotiated settlements.

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Attorney Kimberly Killebrew is well known for her empathetic nature and skills in guiding her clients. She is very adept at reaching fair settlements, when dealing with opposing counsel. She also provides strong advocacy in the courtroom and will not hesitate to take your case to trial, if that is your desire or most suitable for your situation. Call (214) 432-1595 today to arrange a private consultation to discuss your concerns.


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